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07 Jun 2016

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Director of Rugby 

David Brunton

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    Wymondham RFC takes player development very seriously at all levels of the Club and as a consequence has invested heavily in developing its coaches through an extensive programme of training and continuing professional development. The overall strategy for coaching and player development from u6s to the senior first XV is laid down by the Club’s Director of Rugby and its implementation is in the hands of the team coaches.


Playing Plan

VISION: ‘We will use the strength of the community of Wymondham RFC to strive to play Senior at the highest levels of London Divisions.’

VALUES: ‘We will support the values promoted by the RFU – Teamwork – Respect – Enjoyment – Discipline – Sportsmanship.’

We will do this by:-

1. Increasing the number of good quality players playing senior Rugby

Short Term = 6 mths
    • Invite players with WRFC connections to re-join
    • Get 17+ players regularly playing senior rugby
    • Offer outstanding players expenses to return from university
    • Create a Colts Academy
    • Design an effective marketing strategy
    • Ensure regular fixtures for all
    • Improve player motivation
    • Track the destination of playerswho leave the area (particularly students)
    • Offer outstanding players club roles

Medium Term = 1 year
    • Run a back to rugby/back to WRFC initiative
    • Create two 'packages' for skilled overseas payers
    • Develop links with Active Norfolk
    • Get promotion
    • Develop a link with a professional club
    • Scout local players
    • Develop a whole club communication system
    • Develop playing policies.

Long Term
    • Get promotion
    • Move to a new ground
    • Increase club income
    • Further develop community programme

2. Ensure the transition from Youth to Senior rugby is well managed, maximising participation of young players 17+

Short Term = 6 mths
    • Develop formal links between U16/Colts and Seniors
    • Create a Senior Development team
    • Create a Colts Academy
    • Ensure a full fixture list
    • Bring age group coaches into the Colts coaching team
    • Work with RFU to promote Senior Rugby at WRFC

Medium Term = 1 year
    • Play 17+ players in Senior games
    • Create an aspirational culture of paying Senior rugby at WRFC
    • Develop transition and playing policies
    • Develop a whole club communication system

Long Term
  • Create a Super Ten Colts league

3. Maintain the strengths of the junior sections while enhancing administration and improving technically and tactically.

Short Term = 6 mths

    • Increase the volunteer base 
    • Create a U6 specialist team 
    • Design a framework for rugby progression for coaches
    • Create a season rewards system 
    • Create a coaching development programme 
    • Promote our values to all members particularly spectators
    • Ensure fixtures for all squad players
    • Ensure a full fixture list playing appropriatelystrong matches 
    • Support the schools programme

Medium Term = 1 year

  • Develop playing policies 
  • Ensure inter-age group peer support for coaches 
  • Involve senior players with Junior sections 
  • Involve Junior sections with Senior events

Long Term
  • Create a Super Ten league for each age group

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