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Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Also see Rugby's Core Values

The Good Players Guide

Players are encouraged to:
  • Understand, and play within, the laws of the game
  • Respect opponents, spectators and team-mates alike.
  • Play with pride and passion, to never give up but never try to "win at all costs".
  • Eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behaviour from the game.
  • Act as role models for younger players.
  • Respect match officials' decisions, even if they appear to make a mistake - remembering that they are volunteers, providing an opportunity for you to play rugby.
  • Be involved with club activities.
  • Adopt appropriate standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Respect dress codes laid down before and after matches.
  • Enjoy their rugby, keeping winning and losing in perspective.

The Good Spectator's Guide

Spectators are encouraged to:
  • Act as positive role models to all players.
  • Be familiar with, and abide by, the RFU Safeguarding Children in relation to verbal and emotional abuse.
  • Respect guidance from the Club with regard to spectator behaviour.
  • Remember that children play sport primarily for their own enjoyment, not for that of the spectators.
  • Acknowledge good individual and team performances from all players irrespective of the team in which they play.
  • Respect match officials' decisions, even if they appear to make a mistake, remember, they are volunteers providing an opportunity for players to play rugby.
  • Never verbally abuse players, coaches, match officials or fellow spectators: such behaviour can create a negative environment for players and their behaviour will often reflect this
  • Acknowledge effort and good performance rather than "win at all cost".
  • Verbally encourage all players in a positive manner, shouting 'for' not 'at' the player.
  • Encourage all players irrespective of their ability - never ridicule any individual player, regardless of the team in which they play.

The Good Parent's Guide

Parents are encouraged to:
  • Be familiar with the coaching and training programme in order that they can ensure their child is fully involved and the coaches are aware of their abilities.
  • Be familiar with the teaching and coaching methods used by observing the coaching and training sessions in which their child participates.
  • Be aware that the Club has a duty of care to ensure the safety of players and therefore, where appropriate, assist coaches with the supervision of the players, particularly where numbers are large and there is a need to transport players to away games
  • Be involved with the Club activities and share their expertise
  • Share concerns, if they have them, with Club officials.
  • Be familiar with the Good Coaches' Code contained in the Rugby Continuum. In particular be aware that:
    • coaches should recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching players.
    • coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective. encouraging players to behave with dignity in all circumstances.
  • Support coaches in instilling these virtues
  • Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment not that of their parents
  • Encourage young people to play - do not force them.
  • Focus on players' efforts, rather than winning or losing
  • Be realistic about the players' abilities; do not push them towards a level that they are not capable of achieving.
  • Provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the games.
  • Remember that persistent negative messages will adversely affect the players' and referee's performance and attitude.
  • Always support the Club in their efforts to eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behaviour from the game.
  • Remember young people learn much by example.
  • Always show appreciation of good play by all players from both their own Club and the opposition.
  • Respect decisions made by the match officials, even if they appear to make a mistake, and encourage players to do likewise


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