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Wymondham RFC Schools & Communities Programme



Schools Liaison Officer
Rob Poole
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What we do and why we do it...

Why we became involved...

Our Aim is to develop rugby football in schools within the Wymondham and South Norwich District. Those children, once playing the sport, will be given the opportunity to further develop by encouraging them to join the club's Mini, Youth and Wildcat sections where more specialist coaching can be offered.

Our objective is to place tag and youth rugby on the school curriculum and to train enough teachers so that rugby can be coached and played safely within those schools.

It is a further aim to introduce competition between schools by running tag and youth tournaments.

The club sees this project as a long term investment within the community. Although the initial programme was for three years, we will continue to support the schools programme with coaching, equipment and facilities for the foreseeable future.

The lasting benefit will be a critical mass of mixed gender schools playing competitive rugby within a tight geographical area with the club at the centre.

The schools will benefit by giving their pupils the opportunity of being involved in a disciplined sport with all the health and social advantages associated with it. The schools will also develop a more professional sport minded culture as coaching standards and numbers increase.

Because of the history and culture of rugby there will exist a lasting opportunity for those parents of children who join our club rugby to also be actively involved as volunteers (or players!) with the club alongside their children.

The benefit to the club will be increased numbers of well coached youngsters from which all playing standards will increase and with it the sports culture and focus.

The club’s strong links with the schools in the district will improve and strengthen the club's role within the community in line with our status as a Community Amateur Sports Club.

How the Programme Works

The programme is managed by our Director of Rugby who appoints fully qualified and CRB checked coaches to run the training sessions.

Each of the 51 middle and primary schools targeted by the club has been or will be offered a minimum six tag rugby coaching sessions per year.

The club charges a sessional fee which helps to cover the coaching wages and expenses. The club also offers subsidised coaching courses to teachers so that coaching can continue throughout the season. Tag Tournaments will be arranged by the club for competing teams and prizes and medals will be awarded. We stress the emphasis is on having fun.

The club will help the schools financially with balls, bibs and equipment to ensure the project’s success.

What have we done to date?

Working through the Norfolk schools partnership we have coached tag rugby at nine schools in the 5 to 9 year groups. We held a very successful tag tournament in at the Wymondham club between five competing schools all of whom had six pre tournament coaching sessions conducted by the club.

We then held a further competition which included the joint winners of the earlier competition participating with other schools from the district.

The Primary feed schools to the Neatherd High School also held their tag competition at the club none of whom were coached by the club.

The work we have done with schools has showed a high demand and commitment to mixed gender tag rugby in our area and a strong desire to compete against different schools.

Our discussions with Head teachers and sports teachers led us to put our schools and community programme together and we are extremely grateful to both Leathes Prior solicitors and Sportsmatch, for their generous donations which have helped fund the programme.

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